syntillasSyntillas hails from Seal Beach, California and includes, James Bernard & Cynthia Field.  James has been recording & releasing electronic music under many names since 1993, while Cynthia has been playing music for over a decade but this is her first album.  All songs were mixed and mastered at home by James.  Check out the EP, 'Sparks'.

whatatimeSingularis, the talented young beat-wrangler from the Netherlands, first appeared on the Cold Busted label at the age of 16 with his impressive debut album Evening Hours. Since then he’s grown both as a producer and in age, now unveiling What A Time, his third full-length for the prestigious downtempo imprint. The album’s sixteen tracks combine Singularis’s agility with tough hip hop beats, G Funk style lead lines, and spaced-out vibes for a listening experience beyond easy categorization. The album’s “Introduction” (appropriately subtitled “Slowmotion”) sets the tone with big chords in a layered progression, loping – but swinging – drum machine beats, and Singularis’s trademark synth leads. The way Singulars takes this template and playfully twists it throughout is what makes What A Time a memorable ride. Take “Crassinez” for example, which adds strange synth dives and other digital hijinks, as if Aphex Twin stepped in the studio for a quick moment. And also “Bang”, a very Singularis-ish interpretation of southern low-rider hip hop, clouding the genre with cosmic atmospherics and vague melody. There’s much more to discover here and it’s exciting to know, that at his young age, Singulars is just getting started.

sine springchill4Walking home at six o’clock in the morning after a long night partying and finally hearing the birds twittering again. We want to celebrate this with the new compilation “Spring Chill Vol. 4“ of the most successful “Spring Chill“ series containing deeply relaxed tracks from the Sine Music Catalogue. The compilation will be released on the 29th April 2016 and will be available at all well-known download stores.
Admittedly there’s nothing better than getting rid of your hang-over in the first warm sunrays of the year while listening to music. Thomas Lemmer, Sine, Setsuna, Polished Chrome and many more artists take care that you can relax beyond belief. We were shivering way too long! Let’s just feel happy about this year’s spring with “Spring Chill Vol. 4“.

lgm beauty Beauty in its purest form, as a sound aesthetic and kitsch-freed feelgood vibe, is the dedicated vision to the new Lemongrass album. Like sun-flooded dream images, carried by an always positive fundamental frequency, a pack of 15 songs will enchant our senses, as a valuable experience of contrast to the predominantly dark themes of our times. After a two years phase of immersion with a mainly Ambient-meditative output, Lemongrass mastermind Roland Voss is back to the groove and his unique style of Lounge beats. Vocally assisted by the great Jane Maximova, who even sings a song in her Russian mother tongue. Side by side with the velvety Poetry Soul of native Jamaican Karen Gibson Roc, they both enrich the album with feminine accents. Not to forget South African's newcomer Wenawedwa, who illuminates the cool grooves of "Unite" with sensitive vibration. Fragile and still moments are skilfully woven within the Lemongrass sound cosmos, like the delicate solo piano part on "Belle Vue" or the dreamy "What you believe", sticking out with an opulent string section. The sum of what made lounge music once a trendsetter, is alive on "Beauty". An album, which arouses joyful anticipation of bright and glorious summer days.

JetTricks - All One WordIt is over a year since South Londonís production team JetTricks debut album 'Remote Control' was released to great critical acclaim and Paul Elliott and Jamie Lawrence have been busy in the studio diligently recording their follow up 'All One Word'.

Not to be content with their signature infectious grooves and hooks, they collaborated with a host of singers and musicians including Detroit's soul man Marcus Malone, UK songstress Andrea Britton, the ballistic Hammond of Stephen 'Lord' Large and 'Noisettes' guitar wizard Dan Smith.

With JetTricks, diversity is the order of the day and their creative spontaneity results in a journey through soul classics of the future to heavy dance floor fillers, uplifting new soul/pop to zen hip hop and laid back acoustic atmospheres. Their love of all music is evident and remains the core of their belief that different genres can lay side by side on the same record, and boundaries are just there to be crossed.

When writing, recording and producing 'All One Word', JetTricks were not afraid to evolve and branch out in these different directions, crafting with their collaborators a song based, bold, more commercial record that fully retains their musical integrity, whilst signalling a creative leap forward that could merely hint at their future possibilities.

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