firasBased in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia, Trance & Chillout producer Firas Tarhini makes his debut on Sine Music with a diverse & expressive four-track chillout EP. "Faded" will be released on the 3rd of February 2017 and will be available at all well-known download stores.
Each one of the four tracks on this EP paints a different picture. Elysian reflects a warm uplifting & positive vibe, suitable for those sunny & bright summer days. A deeper & more lounge-focused vibe is heard in Faded, a track that is packed with many melodic & experimental patterns creating a cool overall vibe.
More on the emotional side, Dreamworks is packed with mellow & smooth elements giving off a soft dreamy vibe.
Last but certainly not least, is a smooth vocal dubstep track titled Same Sky, which is the result of a collaboration between Firas Tarhini and the talented upcoming Australian singer/vocalist Daisy Spratt. All in all this EP is an uplifting highlight that will surely make your day.


AMyn 1AMyn AKA Niels Blondeel delivers a 7 track bumper collection of his singular song craft - combining
aching melodies with lush, expansive production and sound design.
Self taught with a heavy emphasis on sound design and atmospherics, Blondeel’s acclaimed initial
dancefloor explorations soon found a more natural fit in the introspective tracks herein, and a perfect
compliment on the Apollo roster, nestling alongside the likes of Synkro. The fruits of his labour are now
richly delivered on the ‘Best Heard..’ EP.
Combining a cinematic sensibility with melancholic harmonics is AMyn’s true gift - witness the slow burn
percussive pulse of the opener and title track - winsome vox cruise over the richly woven blanket of
synth chords, and gently clanking sound design perc building to a fluttering climax. Other highlights include the desiccated minimal funk of ‘Side Of Golden You’ - soul-burning chords and hazy vocal tones bounce atop the bumping rhythm track, and majestic collab ‘Youniverse’ featuring the dulcet vocals of
Alex Nelos, set against AMyn’s shimmering soundscape of synths and percussion. Closing track ‘Turn’ is perhaps the thematic core of the record - an epic electronic torch song, all yearning vocals and skying prophet chords that manages to conjure grandstanding emotion without resorting to needless bombast.
Blondeel is always refining his sound - his only goal to evoke emotions through musical storytelling, it’s clear that on that level the ‘Best Heard In Shadows’ EP is a resounding success.

sine tiefblauOn the 11th of November 2016 SINE by Thomas Hauser will release his next album called “Tiefblau” (in English Deep Blue). It will be released on the label Sine Music which is run jointly by the two brothers Thomas and Jochen Hauser. “Tiefblau”, the successor of the very popular “Ruhepol”, will be available on CD and at all well-known download stores. The physical album will be presented in an environmentally friendly, plastic-free DigiSleeve consisting of six pages.
SINE’s great passion for the oceans in this world lies in every tone of “Tiefblau”. Just as if you would dive underwater and feel the swirls of the water at every little hair, already the opening track “Ocean Dreams” folds around you and your body.
Resurfacing with “Blau”, breathing out, wiping the water from your face and looking into the wonderfully sunny sky. Just imagine. Not too difficult with this atmospheric cover, a photography took by Thomas Hauser during his last vacations on Sardinia. Not least because of that, “Tiefblau” is probably the most multifaceted album of SINE songs ever done. All of the 15 tracks have so far only been released on compilations, with the exception of “Full Moon” which has not been released so far, and reach from chillout to ambient to electronic and even lounge and more poppy songs.
The blue colour of the oceans is the colour of calming down and relaxation for SINE. And in order to preserve and protect this pure beauty, SINE donates part of the proceeds of every CD sold to the organisation OceanCare.

mir highlanguageHigh thoughts require high language

Music, movement, nature and from the writer’s perspective, the nature of music itself. This is another centered collection from song writer/producer Steven Connolly. Featuring new voices and musicians from Europe and the Americas. We’ve come to expect a collection of varying styles throughout from this Irish artist. Not being so prolific in output, MAN IN A ROOM has never believed in churning out productions. Not until a concept is visualized and an idea is fully formed. Reinvention is the motivating factor each and every time. The EP embraces deep down-tempo beats, unusual spoken word, soaring vocals and lighter laid-back vibes. A vivid piece of work with deep electronic sounds that are entwined with acoustic instrumentation. Strong, introspective lyrical themes are nestled alongside freeing and outward looking instrumentals. A very worthy excursion into a very suggestive side of Chillout music.


maninaroom"Pursuits" is MAN IN A ROOM's new 5 track EP and the return of Song Writer/Producer Steven Connolly after his debut LP "The Alchemist's Apprentice" which was released on Lemongrassmusic in 2012.  
As we've come to expect from Steven, the narrative is all important in his works.  Lyrically, these themes are chasing undefined targets.  This is in order to reflect the unspecified interests, longing and desires of someone.  Indeed, anyone who may be in pursuit of an experience or achievement which will never quite be fulfilled.  More aptly described as "Sehnsucht" (German).  An unsatisfied desire that is itself more desirable that any other satisfaction…
This is "Pursuits" intention and is yet another shift toward this new ground.  Expect Cinematic Funk, Trip-Hop, Lounge and World Music.  As ever, MIAR has managed to switch gears throughout.  With a rich array of sound, instrumentation and superb performances from its guest vocalists and musicians.  This EP has enough to offer the most eclectically minded of listeners.
And so the pursuits continue...


"Hard times for a Dreamer" was inspired by a search for something bigger and beyond the mundanity of daily life.  Steven has worked with a number of Vocalist's for this EP {Jett (Bridget Insinna), Mc Fava (Philip Warthmann) and Lee Redmond} who have helped him to realize its concept.  It marks a change in style and philosophy of the Artist and a sign of things to come...

Man in a Room is producer Steven Connolly from Dublin, Ireland.  He started his love of electronic music in the late 80's.  While emersed in the headonistic times of the "club" scene he began early productions using software trackers and minimal equipment. 

With numerous releases in the club genre and working with various labels, Steven was also part of the duo C-Quence.  A very popular live dance act in the 90's.  He has supported many a national and international act over the years.
Steven decided to quit the live scene and concentrate on his production.  At the best of times, this is a black art and so, spent the next couple of years learning the craft.  Hours a day inside his room inspired the name "Man in a Room".  Listening to all and everything has given him a broad range of influences.  From DnB to Jazz to Classical, its all there.

Man in a Room is now producing many different genres of music. He aims to be as eclectic as possible.  As he says himself "I love trying new styles and hope it's something I'll always do. It's about experimenting, listening, learning and trying to become wiser from the experience".


xoaHeaded up by multi-instrumentalist Nick Tyson, XOA fuses golden era 1970s Afrobeat with deep grooves and contemporary electronic productions sizzling with analogue synths, guitars and percussive rhythms. XOA’s new release - ONE001 - follows on from his Aiye Le debut released on Dan Shake’s imprint in
June and featuring vocals from Fela Kuti’s musical director Dele Sosimi. The record was premiered by Gilles Peterson, Boiler Room and received radio play around the globe. This 6 track EP is released on new label One House Records and features vocals from LeaLea, Anthony Joseph and Monika Liu, as well as some on-point remixes from Orchards and Byron the Aquarius, and an XOA club edit.
On the new EP Tyson demonstrates the breadth of the project with a broad spectrum of sounds and styles across the record: ‘Burn’ is a full band composition with sweeping guitar riffs and anthemic vocals from LeaLea; next up is Gil Scott-Heron-esque “Storm Windows” with a piercing spoken word piece delivered by British-
Trinidadian poet Anthony Joseph; the A-side finishes with “In So”, a rich groove orientated track featuring sweeping vocals from Monika Liu.
The B side is all about the remixes. XOA steps up for a club ready edit of ‘Burn’; Orchards provides Kaytranada influenced production for ‘Storm Windows’ and rising US House star Byron The Aquarius’ remix of ‘In So’ is a slice of soulful House with bubbling synths and lush vocals. The record will be followed by a series of full live shows leading up to festivals next summer. XOA will also be touring as a DJ act over the same period.

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