libelulaLibelula hails from the UK and are an electronic/pop-duo.  Their music is dark, powerful, msouldering and cinematic with striking female vocals over driving electronics, intricate beats, ambient FX and unique orchestration.

Héctor, is originally from Mexico City while Sarah, from Somerset, formed Libelula in 2004. With backgrounds in music, drama and technology they write and produce their material together, incorporating sound, story, visuals and performance into their work.  Their constantly evolving live shows feature a full band including vocals, drums, samples, keyboards and glockenspiel.

watyerjuice_belden2Waterjuice have been working the underground sounds for many years and this San Francisco-based duo stands out because they have pioneered a unique sound that is both epic, yet easily accessible to a wide cross-section: chillers, trancers, jam-band fans, and dancers.

Both have been influenced and have left their own mark in the San Francisco psychedelic underground during the full on stomp years.  Waterjuice was born many moons back and quietly continued to mature over the years with their music and shows.  Thier "live" shows actually seem more like a concert than a laptop recital.  Tweaking instruments, manipulating sounds and not afraid to enjoy their creative process and share it with the crowd.

Waterjuice consists of Cyril Kollock and Bruce 'Raven' Tupling.  They have shared the stage with some of the best in the world of psychedelic electronica from the BOOM Festival (Portugal), Symbiosis Festival (New Zealand), Fusion Festival (USA-SF) just to name a few.  Their sound is widely regarded as some of the top down-tempo psychedelia from the West Coast and they are true innovators in their style and form.

Raven is an electric guitarist with a boggling array of effects and pedals that make both classic "guitar sounds" as well as cosmic trance tones.  Cyril works pads and synths, and is also a very good DJ who occasionally shakes a one-of-a-kind "MIDI Space Suit" which triggers sound via body motion.  When these two play together they raise the energy level into a futuristic, digital, psychedelic rock stomp.

Liquid Journeys is the new release from Waterjuice on their own imprint, Vaporvent.  This is the 3rd release from the duo with some twists, turns and pulls... and just like water this journey is truly liquid.  Their new release is out and can be found on places like Beatport.com - an excellent pick up.

Liquid Journeys is the new release from Waterjuice on their own imprint, Vaporvent.  This is the 3rd release from the duo with some twists, turns and pulls... and just like water this journey is truly liquid.  Their new release is out and can be found on places like Beatport.com - an excellent pick up.



Aleph Zero is proud to offer a new chilling treat from Hibernation, the new project of Seb Taylor, the master of Electronic music responsible for well known projects such as Angel Tears, Kaya Project, Shakta, Digitalis and more.  If you are not familiar with this musical genius, well now is the time to get on board as he is not only a major influence here at Below Zero, but also a mad scientist when it comes to pushes musical boundaries especially in the world of downbeat.

hibernationFor the label Aleph Zero, which is the product of Yaniv Shulman and Shahar Bar-Itzhak, they asked Seb to go places he never went before, and he came back with the new album, "Some Things Never Change" which also happens to be Hibernation’s debut release.  It is a mix of downtempo electronica touching many genres and styles.

Seb mixes Lounge, Glitch, IDM, Psychill, Breaks, Ambient and more, and the outcome is something special, a new sound. It is a more experimental sound, quirky glitchy warm downtempo electronic music. Expect Seb’s usual syncopated grooves and strong atmospherics with an additional unexpected edge. Chillout with a twist.

Seb also appears on the Below Zero release, MINUS 1 for those of you who enjoy the track, "Under the Spell", well then you won't be dissapointed in the new Hibernation release, perfect for the approaching winter months.

dido2Dido returns with her 3rd release 'Safe Trip Home' which is a warm and moving album from the London-born singer-songwriter with the cracked-crystal voice.  From the success of her first releases, 'No Angel' and 'Life for Rent' we have to remember that Dido comes to us originally as a part-time back up singer who had no budget and no label.  Her success helped to define a corner of the chill-out market and she found herself in 2001 as one of the planet's biggest selling releases.

Although she disappeared from view, Dido took very little time off from music. However, rather than immediately starting to write new songs, she threw herself into playing, whether it be her music or others people's. "I wanted to take some time to become a better musician," she explains. "For the first two albums, any playing I'd done had been used purely for songwriting, which is very different from just playing for fun, like I had as a child. So I spent a lot of time just picking up instruments for playing's sake again. I loved it."

Dido had inadvertently set the tone for Safe Trip Home, a record whose smouldering, soulful songs were to eventually feature her playing guitar, piano, bells and the trusty old recorder she'd toured Europe with as a prodigious pupil of London's Guildhall School of Music. She's even responsible for some of the album's drums (most notably on the sumptuously melancholy Quiet Times).

Dido relocated to Los Angeles where she connected with producer, Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Kayne West, Rufus Wainwright, Eels) and was able to work with the likes of Citizen Cope, Mick Fleetwood and Brian Eno.  'Safe Trip Home' is a record of love and loss, strength and surrender, highs and lows.  This week "Don't Believe In Love" hits #1 on the BZ Top 10 and when you hear the bassline and then Dido's voice you'll quickly remember how she is one of chill-out's royalty and we are happy she is back.

To read the full biography on the release and see a video for "Don't Believe In Love" visit Dido's website.

franklinUnder the name Franklin you'll find Franck Rabeyrolles with a new solo project.  In between releasing a fifth album of his main work "Double U", a folk minimalist project with electronic soundscapes, Frank wanted to create a new identity because it helps to feel freedom and new creativity.

You'll find here psychedelic waves, toy pianos, old and dusty keyboards lots of vocals, dub effects, guitars, noises ... Talking about music too long seems no sense, Franklin is just a modern pop project.  He is released on Wool Recording with "Lost House".

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