LOODMA0057Jakub Šenšel aka Minor Rain started producing in 2009 From this year, actively involved in the production, along with his friend as soundNbeats. They have issued many labels like Breakfast Audio, Fokuz, Celsius, and more... In 2011 he created his own project called Minor Rain where he focuses on deeper styles and experimental electronic music. Below Zero has always been a big fan of Loodma Recordings

The latest EP due out May 28th, 2018 is "Purple Waves" and it is another journey into eclectic downbeat arrangements.

Check out all these releases on Loodma Recordings by Minor Rain:

Tomorrow's Sunrise

These Moments

Jakub Šenšel is from Martin, Slovakia and began his project, Minor Rain in 2010. Hearing the old familiar styles and deep rhythms suddenly all makes sense when you realize he is also a member of the drum-n-bass band, 'SoundnBeats' which started producing in 2009. They have released on labels such as Sinous, Fokuz, SMPTM, Celsius, IM:LTD and Break-Fast Audio.

In a time where music has gotten more aggressive in breaks, house, and drum-n-bass, it is extremely refreshing, much like a Minor Rain to have the atmospheric and psychedelic drops of sound hit and chill down your spine.

anatolyiceAnatoly ICE is a break-beat DJ who has Bob Marley’s tracks in his playlists, a house DJ obsessed with funk and soul, a hip-hop DJ crazy about Beck and Bjork. His power is in mixing different genres together, in wiping the rims out, in modern electronic vibes of traditional funk of 70’s. Anatoly ICE is a break-beat DJ who has Bob Marley’s tracks in his playlists, a house DJ obsessed with funk and soul, a hip-hop DJ crazy about The Clash and Bjork. Mixing different genres together, wiping the rims out, in modern electronic vibes of traditional funk of 70’s. At the moment you can catch me in various Russian clubs from Moscow to Siberia, where I am playing my music as DJ and as live act, using decks, FXs and tricks...

My live project called Icebound. Everything influenced by 70s funk, soul, disco. Also by dub & jazz related stuff. All of that You can hear during my "Rare Performances". My live shows. When I am playing my music mixing it with various loops, grooves, sounds and songs, records, 45s & 12s. What else? I am funky music addict. Collect vinyl records. 45s, 12s, LPs. I love djing. Playing weekly in Moscow's cafes. Also I am participate in many gigs which is dedicated to breaks music, nu skool and old skool.

Some words about my music. It's 80% sampled tunes. I am sampling all kinds of stuff, from funk and jazz to rock, pop, tv shows, computer games and movies. Playing with samples via my MPC. other 20% it's my guitar and keyboard playing. Oh yes. I love my Rhodes. From 2006 till 2007 Anatoly was in charge for Funk & Beyond radio show wich was broadcasted on Moscow's Megapolis FM. Dedicated to all colours of funk soul, jazz and disco music. Now this radioshow is avalable as podcast.

nitepplThe third and final installment from Niteppl, "Hope Springs Eternal" is an impressive expression of contemporary electronic stylings. Emotive lyrics and Sawyer's brooding vocal work couples with San Giovanni's savant productions for the duo's most ambitious and well defined work to date. A bittersweet offering as it also marks their departure from the project as they delve into new frontiers (Sawyer as a score producer in Atlanta and Alton as the newest member of Low Roar), "Hope Springs Eternal" closes the book on Niteppl.

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id3ID3 (Leee Zimmer) is a talented young music producer based in Rayleigh, a small town in Essex, England. From a young age Leee was fascinated with all kinds of music ranging from Rock to Dance. This fascination only spiraled out of control when he met his best friends brother who happened to be a talented music producer. From then on music became a part of his everyday life then leee began his journey as a musician. Look for his releases out on Loodma Recordings.

id3_albumID3 here there and everywhere

silenceandairThere is not a lot online in regards to this amazing release, "Trapmosphere" by Silence & Air which features 10 tracks off the label Elbroar.

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