jorisvoornA name that shines brightly amongst the identities of electronic music innovators is the ever-progressing talent Joris Voorn. Almost a decade since his first LP (Future History - 2004), the cinematic overtones that have provided such tremendous warmth in all of his productions assemble beautifully for his third studio album “Nobody Knows”. With a sound both identifiable and individual Joris Voorn’s consistent caliber of work and attention to finely detailed production places him in a position of undoubted consideration amongst some of the most revered producers around.
Since 2009’s Balance14, a compilation mix CD that saw Joris masterfully knit together a staggering amount of tracks to critical acclaim, the Dutch producer and DJ may have spent as much of his career honoring his early techno influences as he has challenging them. While many a recent tech-house cut’s impact is more often a little out of proportion to its content, there's a continuing freedom in Joris Voorn’s productions and spacious song writing that defines what makes his music resonate way beyond the electronic world. Right from the moment go with the beat less introduction of “The Monk” the Amsterdam native provides a seamless fusion of organic and electronic sounds and despite an array of vocal features, the multilayered, classical ambiences throughout serve as a contrast reminder of who is at control of the mixing desk.
Through bright guitar, piano and synth combinations Voorn now has a wide range of instrumental talent at his disposal; the genius of creating music that’s by turn as adventurous and as sweetly accessible as a pop song. His last single release ‘Ringo’ was one of the biggest tracks on Beatport for 2013, with huge radio support. A euphoric modern classic and unquestionable highlight of “Nobody Knows”. “Momo”, with its simplistic, playful melodies is another standout personal addition to the album, its soothing and endearing touch unsurprisingly the result of a collaborative writing session between Joris and his father Joop Voorn. Thrillingly visceral through tracks including “The Wild” and “Sweets for Piano” the LP forms a soundscape equally as dark, captivating and inspirational that makes for a unique listening experience.
Even in collaborations, the acoustic subtleties that sit beneath the electric pressures in tracks like “A House” that features Ninja Tunes Kid A are remarkable, a challenging level of compromise for any musician, yet in his latest full length album, that also features amongst others Matthew Dear on his own “Green” imprint he has achieved an impressive harmonic balance, and the results are staggering.

castlebed onmyownWith his new release On My Own, Castlebed crafts 6 amazing down-tempo gems. Creating lush landscapes and big beats, Castlebed uncovers rich melodic trip-hop and down-tempo soundscapes. On My Own combines funky and jazzy beats, live guitar and vocal elements, lush strings and synth and ambient landscapes into a unique chill-out experience. Castlebed is producer Rustin Davis from Orlando, Florida. He has been producing chill-out music for over 10 years and has worked with many different labels from all over the world. Castlebed creates a unique, organic blend of chill-out music combining live instrumentation and sampled beats. He draws his influences from many genres of music, especially hip-hop, jazz and blues. Castlebed approaches each song with an open mind and lets the music convey its words to the listener. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Listen closely!


Dustin Lefholz grew up in the late 90’s, early 2000’s electronic music scene in North America.  This defined Lefholz and laid the groundwork for his sound, which envelopes the listener and takes them on a spiritual journey through music, leaving them with an another dimensional aftertaste. Dustin has spent his time studying under world class engineers and producers while working along side great musicians from all walks of life.  Albums he has worked on have received awards and accolades.

Chilled in nature, the melodic complexity resembles jazz from time to time along with the inherent Electronic genre influences and a bit of Hip-Hop flare. His unique style implements electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Dustin’s debut full-length album, “Lost Transmission”, reached #4 on Beatport Chillout Top 100 Releases, and #48 on Beatport Top 100 Releases.

groovecatcher bio

Groovecatcher's music encompasses chill-out, downtempo, electronica, cinematic lounge and lush Balearic vibes. The music transports the listener into that rarefied zone between the city and the sky... where soundscapes as ethereal as the clouds meet the deepest beats from the street.

dadaLynchy dada is a love story given in a wrap gift of electronic melodies. We wish you a pleasant day, do not hesitate to share.

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