Ten years ago, on August 9th, 2005 Below Zero aired for the first time in San Francisco on the now defunct Energy 92.7 FM.

We were on for 4 hours every Sunday night and our goal was to deliver a mood, one that was relaxing and allowed you to drift into creativity, curl up next to your special person or sip from a glass of wine while looking at the stars.

Below Zero was founded by Mason Rothert and Sinukus, and over the year we would add several residents and be supported by many.  Brian Peek, Jason Teplitsky of Blowfish Sushi, Guiammue Simon of Shine, Lemongrass Music, Diventa, Om, Mixmaster Morris, and Julian Lennon.

We have been fortunate to continue to deliver downbeat music each week, and even though today we play in a very crowded internet - back in August 2005, there were very little shows doing this style of music on FM and the Internet.

Again, we couldn't have done any of it without the support of the many artists, labels and listeners each and every week.

So for the month of August we are opening the vault - going back 10 years.  Let's start with Below Zero's first show.  Here it is, remastered and what was going out over the airwaves in the Bay area on a Sunday night...

Enjoy, because it's time to dig on down - it's Below Zero.

77carat77 Karat Gold 1st album is a fantastic collaboration of fame grooveman Spot and sauce 81. There features fantastic mix of grooveman Spot's peace vibe jazz/soul groove and sauce 81 's fantastic live instrumental performance and chorus work. You should feel good time and vibe with fender rhodes sounds and percussion groove sounds..and beautiful harmony of vocal and chorus. This must be the new way of soul music.You can't miss this fantastic project 77 Karat Gold!

mojoMoving Forward, the latest album from Los Angeles DJ / producer Mojo Rising, also pleasantly looks to the recent past just a bit … harking back to the heyday of downtempo music as heard on fabled imprints like Mo’Wax, Pork, and Cup Of Tea. The Cold Busted label, today’s premier ambassador of smoked-out funky grooves, has given Mojo Rising the platform to release this outstanding set of fourteen tracks, each presenting a vibe at times spacey, sometimes hazy, and always downright funky.


Moving Forward is an album of highlights, such as the lush and emotive breakbeatfueled title track, the heavy boom-bap swing of “Jazzy Vapors”, and the digital future funk of “MindFAQ”. Special guests provide cool collaboration, including Little Planet, World View, Alex Hudish, and fellow Cold Busted artist Jenova 7. Throughout the sound is distinctive and fleshed-out, expertly mixing these dusty beats with modern production techniques. It becomes clear that if, at first, the cuts seem a throwback to downtempo’s prime, Mojo Rising indeed updates the genre, Moving Forward towards a funky rhythm resurgence.

fiousFilous hails from Vienna Austria and was only 18 when she broke into the scene.  She has released new music on Good Life Music and on Ultra records compilations.

She has a new release out titled "Dawn".

trillianTrillian Miles, music/sound wizard from The Netherlands.  Trillian adopted the nickname "soundwizard" when he was 6 years old.  He was born in Amsterdam and has spent time producing music for commercials and radio station IDs.  During that time he has put out four albums of ambient,lounge,soundtracks,electronic, and experimental music.  Inspired by the old masters of synhesizer: Vangelis and Jean Michael Jarre(70’s) : Yello and Art of Noise(80’s): The Orb and FSOL(90’) all combines to make his sound.  In 1996 his album Dreamworld (a trancetrip to paradise.)reached 20 in the dutch charts.  He had two hits in Europe in 2004 and 2005 with “Verano de Amor” and “Love for a Season".

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Below Zero has costs to keep the show running in the form of hosting and music.  We appreciate any help to keep the chill alive.



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