ashesLisa Saunders and Liv Mircea may be separated by an ocean, but that isn't stopping the determined duo from making big waves in the chill out / lounge genre with their downtempo musical project, Ashes and Dreams. Lisa lives in Winnipeg, Canada while Liv lives in Weston-Super-Mare, UK.

"It feels like Liv is always right there whenever we're creating musical ideas, recording, and coming up with our musical contributions to this project," says Lisa. Essential tools to divide the distance and master their melodies include Cubase recording software, file sharing services like DropBox, and near-daily emails. ?

Parted by an ocean, but connected by music, Ashes and Dreams has spent the past two years writing and recording songs for its debut, 12 song CD, Heart of Stone. The album includes a mix of serene, dreamy tracks and uplifting, soulful tunes, that are seamlessly linked by Lisa's warm, hypnotic alto voice and Liv's distinctive guitar work. From the military-inspired anthem "Left Right Left" to the laid-back title track, "Heart of Stone", Ashes and Dreams has its own undeniable style in the chill out realm.

funkylocoDirect from South Beach, Florida, So Sound present classic and unreleased cuts from some of the best producers in house.
Sunrise to sunset and beyond, the atmosphere is charged with the warm memory of disco beats and a funky tingling on your skin.

Product Description
2015 One CD set and the third installment in the 'Weekend of Love' series, a collection of the most outstanding mixes presented, compiled and mixed by So Sound's own Funkyloco (aka Pablo Varela), who pushes forward to arrange a compilation directly to the warmth of the sun while near the pool, beach or beach house. Move over Fantasy Island and make way for this argentinean as he soothes your senses right away into his mix.
Weekend of Love Vol. 3 will take you to an imaginary place; soulful , melodic , uplifting and driving; a flawlessly bronzed antidote to the winter blues.
From start to finish this mix lifts your spirits from the laid back sounds to the club and back into a retro disco fueled odyssey for you to enjoy.

13 tracks including cuts from Funkyloco, Jose Amor, Les Loups, Jazzy Eyewear, Toka Project, Kid Enigma, Funk Mediterraneo and the legendary DJ Rasoul. This exclusive collection brings the spirit of a 'weekend of love' into any household on any day of the year. So Sound Recordings.

samboxSince 11 years, the music by SAMBOX makes you travel and her tracks appears on fifty cd compilation.  1 year after « La Parisienne » Here is her new album « Suite Montaigne » the finest lounge music but also easy listening for your beautiful relaxing moment.

menikMenik music is colourful, ambient, melodic and driving, drawing inspiration from genres such as, blues, rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, latin, house, techno, drum and bass, dubstep and garage. Menik strives to bring something new, always creating something different with his distinctive sound: Warm chords, glowing piano and driving drums with signature analogue sounds and pop sensibilities.


Check out the video for "Rush" featuring Lylli on vocals.

Ten years ago, on August 9th, 2005 Below Zero aired for the first time in San Francisco on the now defunct Energy 92.7 FM.

We were on for 4 hours every Sunday night and our goal was to deliver a mood, one that was relaxing and allowed you to drift into creativity, curl up next to your special person or sip from a glass of wine while looking at the stars.

Below Zero was founded by Mason Rothert and Sinukus, and over the year we would add several residents and be supported by many.  Brian Peek, Jason Teplitsky of Blowfish Sushi, Guiammue Simon of Shine, Lemongrass Music, Diventa, Om, Mixmaster Morris, and Julian Lennon.

We have been fortunate to continue to deliver downbeat music each week, and even though today we play in a very crowded internet - back in August 2005, there were very little shows doing this style of music on FM and the Internet.

Again, we couldn't have done any of it without the support of the many artists, labels and listeners each and every week.

So for the month of August we are opening the vault - going back 10 years.  Let's start with Below Zero's first show.  Here it is, remastered and what was going out over the airwaves in the Bay area on a Sunday night...

Enjoy, because it's time to dig on down - it's Below Zero.

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Below Zero has costs to keep the show running in the form of hosting and music.  We appreciate any help to keep the chill alive.



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