Emancipator’s first album, “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough,” a collection of melodious, headnodic beats produced in clean detail, dropped in December of 2006. His only marketing effort was to post a note on MySpace asking fans to check out the album, adding, “If you are a record label, then please sign me.”

Within weeks, he’d been signed by Japanese superproducer Nujabes. “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” sold more than 5,000 copies in Japan in the first six months. Puma sponsored an Emancipator tour in Japan, where Emancipator gave his first press interview ever – to the editor of Rolling Stone.

“‘Soon It Will Be Cold Enough’ beautifully mixes hip-hop beats with guitar feedback and a delicate piano melody,” says Rolling Stone. “You can feel his energy when he performs.”  Emancipator continues to reap accolades from digital music tastemakers. “Shook,” a mashup that perfectly mixes Mobb Deep’s mighty raps with a haunting track from the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, was the highest-rated song on Hype Machine’s “Best 50 Songs of 2007,” and reappeared on Hype Machine as the #2 most popular song in April 2009.

The album can be purchase at Emancipator Music

sideshowFin Greenall would describe himself as the engine of Sideshow, backed up by the band he has been touring with as legendary London label “Ninja Tune” first and foremost singer-songwriter, Fink.  During the bands downtime in between touring Europe and the USA, and writing his critically acclaimed soul-blues-dub, they came together in his 7Dials studio in Brighton to bring us some more trademark dub infused goodness…

“Admit One” is the new album from Sideshow, is a particular labour of love.  "Most of the tracks are live versions, sometimes the 8th or 9th take of tracks...because that's real. Some of the tracks on this album are just straight up tracks, others are covers or versions of tracks I love.  Yeah, there are a few samples in there, yeah that bassline is the bassline from that old record – sometimes dub and the nature of dub is about paying tribute, not stealing ideas...  This fine line runs throughout the history of dub and reggae, and runs through this record. When I first starting producing stuff back in the early nineties it was old dub records that acted like a text book on how to do it… –The dub producer masters would often record stuff live and some would make mistakes, and when they did you could pick up little things like ‘oh right, the bassline and kick are on the same channel’, or ‘right’! the FX have their own channels, and the snare has its own too…  kinda thing...  Dub to me is about space, vibe, texture, it's about not thinking too hard, but feeling.  Dub is like the church of music to me – a simple innocence with immense power, I hope you feel that in the album Admit One", comments Sideshow.

'Admit One' has brought together many musicians. Guy Whittaker (bass), Tim Thornton (drums) and Ellie Wyatt (strings), whilst a number of talented vocalists have also collaborated including Tina Grace (Nitin Sawhney, Moby, Terry Callier); Cortney Tidwell whose sublime debut album 'Don’t Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up' introduced her incredible voice and song writing talent to the public, while her live shows have won her fans across Europe and the USA and Paul St. Hilaire (previously known as Tikiman) a dub vocalist and live performer of considerable power. Also worth a mention are Fin's Quadraverb GT and Boss SE50 FX units both are crucial in achieving the Sideshow sound and made it through the recording process with a lot a love and the help of some masking tape.


The track “Television with Cortney Tidwell” is featured on the ‘All Night Long’ release by Will Saul’s label AUS Music.


Photo Cortney Tidwell


AUS Music Release: All Night Long


Sunsphere is the new music project by Mario Ziegler. The album Summerbreeze is a musical journey to the sunny island.

No matter where and when you hear this album, you instantly forget the hectic life and finds himself in a sunny beach of Las Salinas and Cala Jondal again. The CD comes with a fine selection of tracks on it such as "Feel the Sunshine."

Music for relaxation and relaxed groovy songs round out this first-Chill Out album from which you never to be missed.

Wellness for body and soul. Each of the sophisticated, multi-compositions speaks through its distinctive character to another, delightful ways. The roughly one-, arrangement, the harmonious matching of melody, harmony, leadership and nature sounds, are extremely beneficial to your entire physical-emotional-being!

Music provides a wonderful opportunity, individual perception and universal laws that must be reconciled. On the wings of emotion and with the pulse of the heart together we exceed our limits and are an inner journey into new worlds of experience.




Internationally acclaimed recording artist, songwriter and producer Shaheen Sheik is one of the most promising young artists on the World Music scene today. Her global notoriety spans from the United States to India.Based in Los Angeles, California, Shaheen Sheik has recorded two full-length studio albums: the first titled “Rock Candy” and her newest release, “REVOLUTION”.

While “Rock Candy” highlighted Shaheen’s singer/songwriter skills, “REVOLUTION” is a bold departure that reflects her unique cultural perspectives, rich global instrumentation and contemporary, stylized vocals.  The result is a brilliant mix of dance, urban, electronica and lounge tracks. “I wanted to create this disc on my own terms in order to tell the world who I am,” explains Shaheen.

“REVOLUTION” features an array of diverse guest artists, including female rocker Jungli, multi-instrumentalist and composer Shane O’Madden of Govinda, and acclaimed dhol player Teginder S. Dhanoa. Shaheen states that “being able to share a creative moment with these friends and talented artists was a thrill for me.”

“I first learned music through my body,” explains Shaheen. “Dance has played a huge role in my music because it has taught me the subtleties and complexities of rhythm and how they can impact you emotionally. I experimented a bit with beats on Rock Candy, but with REVOLUTION, I became obsessed with them.”

Shaheen also appears on the latest compilation, "Chillbar Volume 1" out on Sine Music.  This is a new series from the Sine Music group that includes a great collection of chilled grooves including cuts by Sine, Ensoul and Polished Chrome.  The Chillbar - wunderbar


Above photo of Shaheen Sheik by ryan Goodrich

Frontpage photo of Shaheen Sheik by Ryan Goodrich. Hair/Makeup by Yayoi H. Jewelry by Heather Benjamin.


Many years ago when Below Zero was just getting started we crossed paths with Under in San Francisco.  Their music has been described as 'pop-noir' with melancholic lyrics and catchy melodies.  They comprise of singer Jen Triano and keyboard player Eamonn Flynn.

After thier first EP release they literally went 'under' to find the right mix for their new album.  It wasn't about putting something out by a deadline or getting something done to quickly follow up on their EP.  This was about finding the right mood, the right people and the right time.  After a lot of hard work they have returned to us with contributions from Joan Jeanrenaud, Milosh and many more...

This amazing album, "More Pleasant Grey" shows us the many sides of Under with the rework of "Keep on Moving" that has a new softer edge with a drum n bass suprise.  The haunting and deep sounds of "Berkley 3" and some of the tracks you feel in love with from the EP along with some new gems.

But to kick it all off is the beautiful, fun and intoxicating track, "Gravity" which if you were already a fan of Under says welcome back and get ready for an amazing journey... for those who were not a fan yet you will be after hearing this one.



Under are a San Francisco band who play a sort of 'Electronic Pop Noir' with an organic twist. Sad but groovy. They feature Jen Triano on vocals, Eamonn Flynn on keyboards and Ricky Carter on drums. Their debut self-titled 4 song EP was recorded with engineer/ programmer Paul Scriver (known for his band Better Daze on Ubiquity).

Influenced by Bjork, The Sundays, Zero Seven, Kruder and Dorfmeister and Massive Attack among others, the sound is somewhat dark but always makes you move. The first EP is now available at CD Baby, Itunes etc... and is picking up a lot of radio play but is only the beginning - a full length release is on the way and their live show can soon be seen...

They are Below Zero family, we love these kids and their new remix of "Under" by Morgan Page is currently up for sale on their myspace page - go support a wonderful band with a great soul and spirit!

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