vlp_Velvet Lounge Project2The Velvet Lounge Project consists of DJ  Sleeptalker, M. Mix & Nidia Ortiz. DJ Sleeptalker and M.Mix have been working together for many years now and are responsible for other projects like Brook Sapphire (Erotic Lounge) and Kosta Rodrigez (Dubai chill Lounge 2, Ibiza Chillhouse 3, CAFE DEL MAR 15).

In the summer of 2007 the Velvet Lounge Crew came across the Latin Singer, Nidia Ortiz in Frankfurt and were taken away by her smooth silky voice. They contacted Nidia and offered her to sing the next Velvet Lounge Single. Nidia agreed right away, and so that is how the Velvet Lounge Project was born.

Right away her song " Make Me Yours" (Hazme, Tuya) rocketed to one of the Top Selling Compilations, " Sinners Lounge 3" from Sony/BMG.  They have been in studio hard at work on their debut album, "Trip to the Beach" released on Tyranno Lounge Records and M.Mix described the album as, "we are putting together an album full of harmony and soul with many different beats.  We are counting on the voice of Nidia and the help of many different guest musicians."

The new album "Trip to the Beach"

ManuelTur pressshot2It's not often that I get to merge my love for house with my deep love and passion for chillout.  Today is one of those days...

Manuel Tur is a 24 year old Producer who gets it.  If the world were full of more people like him, most of the mainstream crap the kids are listening too wouldn't exist.   But then it wouldn't be underground and cool so we are glad this Essen German is slowly getting ready to take the deep house world by storm.

While his mates were out smoking Camels and drinking Weiss beer behind the Fahrradhalle, young Manuel was honing his craft by immersing himself in the sounds of Ian Pooley, Sebastien Leger and Swag.  It wasn't long before his material started being released through labels such as Agave, SoSound and Sebastien Leger's own Bits Music. But that wasn't enough for Manuel so he decided to set up his own Smokestack Recordings which is how he hooked up with Freerange.  His track 'Portamento' became a staple in Jimpster's DJ sets so he set about getting Manuel to record an EP for Freerange.

This deep bomb and others like 'Acorado' and 'Deviate’ have made him hot property in the world of house music.  Its fair to say he’s on top of his game with recent big tracks for Drumpoet with Dplay and Ovum with Langenburg he has been nominated for ‘Best Deep House Artist’ and ‘Best Deep House Track’ at this years Beatport Annual Awards.  His remixes for Phonique, Nick Holder, Jazzanova and D’julz are cropping up all over the sets of those favoring the deeper, underground house sound that Manuel and co are excelling in.manuel_tur_0201

Now comes his new album which is a twist, with house roots this steps over into the world of downbeats.  The album, "0201" is named after his area code and is the follow-up to his EP released when he was 16 years old!  Manuel blends abstract sounds with driving basslines and was made to listen to in the bedroom.  "The whole album was made up from samples that I've been collecting for almost 10 years now and that I've put together like a jigsaw or 'patchwork', as is the title of the first track." comments Manuel.

Fink09Brighton's generic chameleon Fin Greenall presents a third outing in his singer-songwriter hat.

It's been a gratifyingly diverse career thus far for Fink. Starting out as a DJ, promoter and producer, he was encouraged by imprint Ninja Tune to become their first ever singer-songwriter, which he did with gusto while keeping his nimble fingers in a multitude of musical pies.

The result is an unconstrained approach to his solo work, with material encapsulating folk, blues, electronica and R&B planted fruitfully together on albums that have proven international crowd pleasers.

Sort Of Revolution features the collaborative talents of Guy Whittaker on bass and Tim Thornton on drums, but Greenall returns to production having handed the reigns to Lamb's Andy Barlow on predecessor Distance And Time.

A new draftee is John Legend, repaying Fink's work on Greenlight with his writing and key tinkling skills. Unsurprisingly, his efforts are of the album's more provocative: Move On Me is repressed sexuality from the vocal delivery through to the ticking clock percussion, while Maker oozes understated aggression ''All this time we’ve spent talking ****/ Give me an inch and I'm taking it''.

Opener and title track Sort Of Revolution morphs from gentle strumming and lulling harmonies to a progressively electric climax. Unafraid of the abstract, Nothing Is Ever Finished boasts the sort of skilled blending of tempos and tones that surely earned Fink his Jazz Café residency.

Other songs are more literal and evocative; See It All sets up a picture of the New York night skyline and allows you to picture the scene with vocal breaks and lo-fi beats. Ex Crash Test Dummy Son Of Dave crops up with screeching harmonica on Pigtails, and the playlist is concluded with a cover of Jeff Barry's Walking In The Sun.

Sort Of Revolution is an idea-laden, sublime study in the art of pleasing yourself without drowning in indulgence.  (Taken from BBC Review)

Over the last year Fink has played some amazing shows from the Big Chill to supporting Zero 7 on tour. He hails from Brighton and his debut album released on Ninja Tune "Biscuits for Breakfast" marked a seismic shift for the label - shelving samples and turntablism in favour of an acoustic guitar and great songs.

While the lyrics on Fink’s follow-up album, “Distance and Time,” retain his trademark tension and honest lines of observation, the record feels more sophisticated and somewhat larger than the last, book-ended by the strung out, softly spoken anger of “Trouble is What You’re In” and the grunting power chords of “Little Blue Mailbox.” Fink feels that was a direct result of this experience on the road. We did ‘Biscuits for Breakfast’ completely backwards,” he explains. “It was recorded before we’d ever done a gig, while bands normally have to gig for a while before they get a record deal, then get into the studio. This time around we’ve been on the road for a year and the whole experience has given us some insight into what it takes to headline these places".

ericwikmanEric Wikman hails from Los Angeles and is owner of Deepswing Productions and Generate Music.  His Deepswing label is a house label which he has co-produced and produced tracks that have been featured in the movie "Sum of All Fears" as well as "The Tuxedo".

Currently he is also starting to dive into the world of downtempo with his Generate Music label.  His release, "Blue Skies" features Marta SantaMaria on vocals and the release has some amazing remixes on it by the likes of, Al Baldwin and Chris Wikman.


minus8_headshotZurich producer and DJ Robert Jan Meyer aka Minus 8 released music dating back to 1996.  He has already produced six albums on labels such as Sony, Compost Records, Stereo Deluxe and Mole Listening Pearls.  These releases include,  (Beyond 1996), (Beyond Beyond 1998), (Elysian Fields 2000), (Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man - Soundtrack, 2001), (Minuit 2002), and (Eclectrica 2004).

Robert launched many compilations such as, "Science Fiction Jazz 1-10", "Batucada 1-3", "Blue Note Weekend“ on Blue Note Records. His own tracks appeared on over 100 compilations  as "Cafe Del Mar“, "Hotel Costes“, "DJ Kicks“, and "Fashion Week".

Minus 8 has played many festivals like Amsterdam Dance Valley, Montreux Jazz und Roskilde and he went on tour in Australia, in the United States and in Asia.  He has also toured the world extensively to countries such as Russia, Cuba, England, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Georgia, Lithuania, Slokawia and Poland.

His passion for movies lead him to compose music for many films, short films, spots and trailers. Apple used a Minus 8 track for the worldwide campaign of the Apple Powerbook. Robert also composed the score for the German movie, "Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man“ (Columbia Pictures).


Minus 8 is a very versatile DJ. He likes to play from Downtempo, Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul to Disco, Nu Disco to contemporary House, Electro House, Deep House and Minimal.

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