deadbeatsThe Deadbeats formed in 1995.  They were a couple of DJ's from the infamous "Garage" club in late 80's Nottingham UK in the days when Graeme Parke graced the decks later becoming members of The DIY Collective and eventually set up their own label "Space Hopper" to concentrate on their own sound.

Their first album was called 'Loungin' which was released through Ralph Lawson's label '20/20 Vision' and the single from it 'Funky for you' went on to be the most popular track from it and has appeared on quiet a few compilation albums.

They are in the process of finishing off the new album which is due to be released soon on Wax On Records (George from Nightmares on Wax's label). It is a selection of tracks that they have been working on for some time with a few old friends including Dj Emma (DIY) Dave Estella (Bass Guitars and anything off the wall) and featuring vocals from Dr Egg & Dave the singer from Sleaford Mods...


morganpageMorgan Page has signed with Nettwerk Records to release his debut album ELEVATE,  which consists of a hybrid of remixes and original songs.  Page has quickly become one of the most sought after house producers.  His remixes for marquee artists (Angie Stone, Delerium, Stevie Nicks, Nelly Furtado and more) consistently land at the top of the Billboard Club Play charts, including three number one hits in 2006 alone.

ELEVATE opens with the first single “The Longest Road”. The track features lead vocals from California folk artist Lissie, whom Page calls “one of the most exciting voices I’ve heard in years.”  More than a collection of singles, Page blends ELEVATE into one complete work, showcasing his dexterity as a producer.

Said Page, “I envision this album as something that works in a variety of settings: in the car, at home, maybe on a run with your iPod. It encompasses so many different styles, yet there is a continuity to it that holds it together. I see this album as something that DJs will appreciate and something that all fans of electronic music will enjoy experiencing from start to finish.”

Back around the year 2000 we met Morgan Page when he was just getting started and we have had a lot of fun working with him over the years and watching his slow and steady climb to success.  With each release Morgan gets stronger and stronger and his production is about as clean as it gets in the industry.

A few years ago Morgan took a road less traveled and said I'm going to release this album called, "Cease & Desist" and see what happens.  He went on and included a lot of  his bootlegs he had produced and circulated throughout the DJ world.  The boots included tracks by Coldplay, Imogen Heap and David Bowie to name a few...  instead of being rounded up and beaten with a wet noodle he was asked to produce more and more and more!  Major labels called, then Nettwerk Music Group called and suddenly this kid from a log cabin in Vermont became in the global dance market a hero.

He has gone on to remix for Angie Stone, Delerium, Stevie Nicks and Nelly Furtado as well as consistently landed on top of the Billboard Club Play charts.  Now comes the most recent album, Elevate and the single "The Longest Road" which shot up the Billboard chart alongside Snoop Dogg and Madonna and has ruled the iTunes and Beatport dance charts. The album is comprised of 4 original productions and 8 remixes and is considered more of a remix collection of singles.

"I see this album as something that DJs will appreciate and something that all fans of electronic music will enjoy experiencing from start to finish" says Morgan Page when speaking about Elevate.

laura_jansenLaura Jansen was so close to giving it up before she even began. But a year after deciding to give music a try she tried to make waves with advance copies of her EP Trauma (released summer 2006).

She has found her audience on MySpace and she continues to garner rave reviews and a legion of loyal fans. This dutch expatriate made the move out to sunny Los Angeles in 2005 and hasn’t looked back.

Her shows in Hollywood are drawing bigger and bigger crowds and the response is positively overwhelming.

Laura is already being compared to the Tori Amos/Fiona Apple/Regina Spektor school, but a dash of reggae and a touch of gospel set her apart from the rest. It doesn’t hurt that her lyrics are nothing short of inspiration and reflect the place she is now in - hurled along by life, sometimes painfully, but always grounded in hope.

She has just released her second EP, Single Girls.

mozezMozez dedication to music takes us back to his early days of singing with his brothers. He was first noticed however in 1996 as part of the duo Spirits who gave us the memorable Don't Bring Me Down and Spirit Inside (15th and 18th in the national charts respectively).

He was to create more magic later with the band Zero 7, whom he wrote, sang and toured with for a number of years, the product of which we are still hearing daily with songs such as "This World", "I Have Seen", "Simple Things", "Warm Sound", "Morning Song" etc., which has graced the airways since 2001 and has become classics in their own right.

2005 brought another change to Mozez's growing career producing and writing with the likes of Guy Sigsworth, (Madonna, Bjork, Seal) Ben Chapman (Pink Floyd), George Evelyn (Nightmares On Wax), Alex Morris and Tom Quick, giving us a broader view of his talent. So Still, his first solo album, was a passionate cleverly crafted album one that is worth listening to over and over again, with songs such as "Feel Free",(soundtrack on CSI and the movie Running for Time) "Baby Blue", "Venus Rise", "Fuzz" and "Beautiful Day".

His new album The Absolute features Melanie Blatt (All Saints) and production from George Evelyn (Nightmares on Wax) Tony White plus other writers and producers. Mozez has imparted more of his production ability on his latest work giving us a slightly harder edge to this softly spoken man.

The Absolute he describes as a journey, a journey into a multi floral expanse of coloured sounds. Mozez is well known for his writing ability and his unusual yet profound lyrics. He has produced over the years with a number of people, such as Melanie Blatt (All Saints), Tony White, Tom Quick, Alex Morris,Guy Sigsworth, Hamlet Luton, Henry Binns, Sam Hardaker, Robin Mullakey, Raj Gupta, Pete Lawrence, Laura B. and Michale Arkk.

durojaiyeversatileThe influence of all genres from 60's rock and folk, 70's soul and jazz to Blues, Hip Hop, Freestyle and 80's Pop, sets the groundwork for the sounds that Durojaiye Versatile creates to represent his many moods.  He is best recognized for the use of drums and melodies and accredits his creative style to his exposure to music in his early years as a kid growing up in the Bay area.

The background noise in his household growing up was always music.  If his Mother wasn't playing a record his Father was listening to the Blues and it all influenced Durojaiye.  At the age of 12 he traveled to Los Angeles to visit with family and it was there he fell in love with production.  By 1990, at the age of 16 when most kids were collecting shoes or hats, Durojaiye collected 45's of jazz, soul and rock.  When a friend let him borrow a sampling guitar pedal, along with two cassette decks, his first track was born.

From there Durojaiye would perform in the 90's with Hop Hop group, Artfully Poor.  They were recognized locally and won best unsigned group in a national magazine until Tommy Boy came calling to sign them.  From there Durojaiye would put Hip Hop aside to start focusing and opening his horizons into the world of electronica and house music.  His vision is simple, "turn thoughts into things."

He has released his album, "The Fermented Sessions" which is a very relaxing downbeat gem.  Check out latest from Durojaiye Versatile

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