robertmanos2Robert Manos is a New York based singer and musician who has collaborated on Techno, Drum and Bass, Deep House and R&B with releases with Jesper Dahlback, Seba, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Paradox, Hugg & Pepp, John Dahlback, Charles Webster and Alexi Delano.

Robert spent his early years in Germany, Kenya and Tanzania before moving to New York as a teenager.  His musical background is shaped by many influences including 70's soul, R&B, New Wave, Dancehall Reggae and Classical.

He began recording bits and pieces on a 4 track recorder using primarily drum machines, synths and electric bass and gradually began to add his voice to these recordings.  Working as a bass player and background vocalist with various bands and projects, Robert began to develop his own style which can only be described as a mixture of everything he was exposed to, and as a way of trying to define the realities of living many lives in different worlds, the distance this can cause between people but also the sense of being connected to everything but as times lost to yourself.  This is - of course - also the reason why his songwriting as well as the colour of his voice get a special tastet.  If you carefully listen to his songs you will know: "This artist is unique".

His first full album is called "Angel Road" (mole082-2) and was co-produced by Jesper Dahlback adn Sebastian Ahrenberg as well as recorded at Globe Studios in Stockholm.

Sensiva hails from Russia and breaks away from his rock-n-roll roots for a full-length album, "Draught" which offers lushly layered ambient and down tempo music.

An amazing mixture of trip-hop, breakbeats, ambient soundscapes and sycopated drums and electric guitars.  Sensiva's musical dexterity and bold understanding of composition is very evident.

Draught delivers a wide and bold yet soothing journey.

chrisjoss_sticksFrenchman Chris Joss is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and autonomous studio producer. Having lived in London for most of the 90's, Joss digested the vibrant music scenes of the city playing bass and guitar in various bands while working in his solo projects.

In 1996 Joss recorded his first album The Man With a Suitcase, the soundtrack to an imaginary 60's TV series, released in 1999 on indie label Pulp Flavor with the Bombay By Bus EP.

In 2000 Chris Joss started recording his 2nd LP Dr Rhythm, released in 2002 by Irma. Encompassing electronica, breakbeat, funk and soundtrack music, Dr Rhythm upped the ante for Joss' musical catalogue.  Remixes by Madrid de los Austrias and Dublex Inc. came out in 2003.chrisjoss

In 2004 Chris Joss’ third LP You've Been Spiked was released by ESL Music. With its thick funky bass lines, wah-wah guitars, Rhodes and Hammond riffs pulsating over live rootsy drums, the album was a vibrant tribute to 60's and 70's dance music. Remixes by Ursula 1000, Fort Knox Five & Kraak & Smaak followed in 05 & 06.

In 2005 Chris contributes to the soundtrack (released on Koch) of the movie "Inside Deep Throat" and begins a series of remixes: Jody Watley, Pirates of the Caribbean, Joe Bataan, Woody Hermann, Bebo Valdes, Thunderball, Frank Sinatra, Yerba Buena, Praful...

Jan 06 injured in an accident leaving his right arm partially paralysed Joss recorded a version of John Williams' “Superman” in between hospital stays. Originally intended for a movie trailer ESL released it in Aug07 alongside remixes by Basement Freaks & Plastilina Mosh and a new track called "Superjam.”

In February 2008 ESL released 13 new tracks on Teraphonic Overdubs, a collection of grooves influenced by the diversity of Library music, crossing genres that were years apart while staying true to the funk. Remixes of I Want Freedom by Smokey Bandits from Greece, Atfunk from Ibiza and Myagi from Toronto cameout in Aug08.

Chris Joss’ 5th LP, entitled Sticks, will be released on ESL Music in March 2009. Sticks is a smoky sonic journey through the Asian sub-continent. Filled out by a lush tapestry of ethereal sitars, rubber-funk bass, cheeky organ riffs, snappy drum kicks and smoky atmospherics Sticks captures a deep and irresistible vintage groove that defies categorization!

MisterO_ComeCleanMister O debuts his album Come Clean on his label Helium Music.

Mister O started obsessing about electronic music production in the late 90’s.  Having started jazz piano and electric bass at an early age allowed him to incorporate live elements to his productions. Soon after moving to America, the French native found production/ composition work for several national cable channels and worked on various 3D animated projects. Dissatisfied with the technical and political demands of scoring music to film Mister O started working on electronic dance music as a creative outlet. His first record came out on label Lowdown. Several releases followed on such labels as Transport, Look At You, Gossip, Fluential (Defected), Swank and Viva.

Many of his tracks got licensed to world renowned labels such as Hed Kandi, Bargrooves, and Kinkysweet among others. Mister O’s tracks have already been remixed by top notch producers such as, Juke Joint, Simon Grey, Matthew Bandy, Jask and Natural Rhythm as well as electronic music superstars Miguel Migs and Kaskade, but a man can mix only so many singles before he gets the craving for a longer story to tell.

Mister O, fresh from a string of signature deep and funky house tracks on some of the best known labels, gathers together his favorite singers and lyricists to put his unique sound into one highly stylized 12 song collection of new electronic music. “Come Clean” pushes the boundaries of house, down tempo, groove, chill out and electro jazz, mixing the sexy vocals of Sara Smith and the deep soul of Yvonne Brown with the kind of lyricism rarely found in the genres. For those who want to experience what electronic music can be in the hands of a master multi-instrumentalist and producer, sit back – or get up and dance – and let Mister O show you the way.

ubranmythclub_profileHaving been discovered in North America before anyone in their homeland had heard of them, Urban Myth Club were booked on the strength of an album sampler for Glastonbury. The UK collective continued to hit headlines after gate-crashing the Top 30 with their debut single "I Feel It" and reached #1 on MySpace's Top Electronic Artists Chart.

The Club is the duo of Dezz and Hollywood film composer, Stephen Barton (Gladiator, Shrek 2, Narnia).  Dezz hooked up with enigmatic producer Ian Sanderson (whose infamous Cuckooland samples have been used by hundreds of artists including Massive Attack, Lemon Jelly, the Prodigy and Beastie Boys) and Urban Myth Club's rocket left orbit.

After two years in the studio, Urban Myth Club have crafted an album of beautifully eclectic tracks, fusing organic electronica with anything that tickled their fancy, and the results are destined to become a million personal soundtracks. Drawing comparisons from Massive Attack to Portishead, and Air to Royksopp, the collective have been called "the next Zero 7" by DJ Trevor Shand of Clear FM who told listeners:

Live, Urban Myth Club are a seven-piece outfit, joined on stage by vocalists including Clare Szembek, Rowan Godel and Niamh McNally, bassist Louis Thorne, Ben Gurney-Smith (Percussion) and keyboard player Shannon Harris (Lily Allen).

Urban Myth Club have appeared mysteriously but are spreading spontaneously.  Make sure to pick up a copy of their album, Helium.

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