clubfeetIt's time to bring back some of the love and good synth-pop feel of the 80's.  All of you recovering newavers out there from back in the day, time to turn the page to the next level and it's coming out of Australia.  The Melbourne trio known, Club Feet can deliver good feeling melodies, fun lyrics and tie it all together with a bit of tongue and cheek.

The band consists of Cohen, Cooper and Roberts.  Their new release "Gold on Gold" released on Plant Music offers 12 amazing gems such as, "Edge of Extremes", "Teenage Suicide" and our favorite this week "Say Something".  There was an immediate love for "Say Something" especially when we found out it was a cover of the Britpop band James' track.

Expect great things from this talented trio, here at BZ we only wish we would have found out about them sooner!club feet album

lemongrassRoland Voss aka Lemongrass lives and produces his music in the countryside in the North of Germany.  From the first releases in the late 90's on the labels Incoming! and Mole Listening Pearls, he has gone a long way in his musical expression.  From Drum 'n' Bass to Lounge, Jazz, Trip-Hop and Ambient.

Roland has worked very hard releasing more than 10 Lemongrass albums not to mention the many compilations.  He has worked with a ton of musicians and vocalists and in 2005 he and his younger brother, Daniel founded the label, "Lemongrassmusic" building a new platform for Lemongrass as well as Artists from all over the globe that enchant their hearts. 

grooveblastersThe Grooveblaster has been making sample-based dance, electronic, down-tempo pop for more than 10 years. His songs are a unique blend of the many artists, bands and styles that have influenced him over the years. Influences that range from Gene Krupa, Anita O'Day, Philly Soul, Massive Attack, Saint Etienne, the Clash, Steely Dan, 1970s Los Angeles Pop, Dave Brubeck, Kenny Burrell and Brian Wilson to name just a few.

His first album, "Look in the Mirror and Dig Yourself" was a mixture of laid back jazz influenced grooves, funked up beats and soulful vocal samples. A 1970s soundtrack. The Grooveblaster’s latest CD, "Cities, Streets & Bebop Nights" which takes it's title from a Jack Kerouac phrase, features sultry and soulful vocals by Anji Bee (the lovespirals), Yasi Baby (Pacha Massive), Laura Harley and Daca Kopanja and is now digitally available worldwide on Bopaganda Hi-Fi Records. In addition the album includes cinematic cosmopolitan instrumental grooves including a tribune to Angie Dickinson and rumba ode to Italian model/actress Benedetta Valanzano.

beatpharmacyThis week Beat Pharmacy (Brenden Moeller) joins us and shares his 4th and most ambitious album to date!  A collection of protest dub songs that combine deep and poetic lyrics of the very timely kind with atmospheric dub techno grooves.  The result is a compelling and haunting record that is bound to float around in the listener's head long after the music stops.  Thick sub-dub basslines burble beneath reverberating chords while echoing melodies and textures dance atop syncopated grooves.

The track "Sunshine" with vocals by Paul St. Hilaire, hits the #1 spot on this week's BZ Top 10, taking the very last slot of the year 2008 here on Below Zero, we couldn't think of a better way to close out a somewhat dark year for many.  This album offers a breath of fresh air and outlook featuring socailly concious UK MC, Coppa, the wonderful vocals of Damon Aaron and mysterious UK dub poet, Spaceape.

There is no preaching or cliches here, just heartfelt truth and innovation.  Beat Pharmacy brings the meds for Wikkid Times, released on Deep Space Media.


miniscuscurveKevin Lynn hails from Toronto and his solo project, The Straggler has released 5 critically acclaimed albums. Kevin is not only a musician but a skilled sound and video art producer and has been screened nationally. Most notably as part of the Send and Receive Festival in Winnipeg, the Signal & Noise Festival in Vancouver, and Deep Wireless: New Directions in Sound Art in Toronto. He has been featured on TV shows and Feature Films such as Six Feet Under, Regenesis, The Best Years, Rude and Witchblade.

His other project involves the international superspy Jessie Davis, together they are Meniscus Curve and their new release, "Meniscus Curve" features ten electronic, dark and modern and downbeat sounds released on Static Clang and IODA.

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