camillalunaCamilla Luna is a Norwegian/Uruguayan singer & songwriter based in Oslo, Norway. Camilla is a versatile vocalist that has solid roots in Soul & Jazz, and with a strong connection to club-music she works comfortably within electronic soundscapes. She also has a strong natural Latin influence that never is far away. The sound is Futuristic, Wonky & Bumpy, but with clear referances to the 80s, Funk/Jazz/Soul, Hip Hop, R'n'B. Raw Futuristic Soul might describe it...

She has been working together with beat-producer BHLB aka Baz (Streetology Studios) since 2006, and have previously released music on WahWah 45s (UK),with Dance Disorder (NO/ESP)on Bpitch Control (DE), People Love Music (NO), Echorek Records (ESP/ITA)and the latest release with Oslo based duo Trulz&Robin «Me To You» on Eskimo Recordings (BE).Roumors has it that an EP/Album will drop on CYMASONIC and CYMAWAX this fall...

polishedchrome1After eight long years Polished Chrome will release his second album "Happiness" on 4th August 2017 on the label Sine Music. The album will be available as CD and digital at all well-known download stores. Polished Chrome really wasn't inactive since the release of his debut album. He's released numerous tracks on various compilations. And "Happiness" took those eight years to be completed. Time for Marc aka Polished Chrome to grow, to learn and to grasp.
The result is a very personal album that describes in a musical way what makes Marc as a person, what's important to him and what makes him happy. Maybe some of all this can be passed on through music... like a novel cast in music that makes you smile and makes you realise how beautiful life is. The album shall give comfort, reassure, make you relax or just make you enjoy yourself. You can hear it at once. The songs are more mature and deeper than on his first record. Yet they still have his very own handwriting. Rhythmical and pulsatile. Dreamy but in the very next moment full of energy that makes you want to dance right away. Manifold like life itself.

sine chill7Haven’t heard from "Cosmic Chill Lounge“ for quite some time. Four years have passed since the release of the last compilation of this series. But there’s a comeback looming of this Chillout chart success: On 26th of May 2017 Sine Music will be finally releasing "Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 7“. The compilation will be available as download at all well-known downloadstores. Awoken from its beauty sleep the seventh edition of this series offers simply the latest, best and many exclusive tracks. 26 tracks and a playing time of at least 140 minutes.
"Sine - Glittering Waves“ let’s you find peace at blazing heat, fan your face and enjoy the moment. Until there’s that refreshment you’ve craved for with "Dr. Deep House - Stonewashed“ . Dip your toes into the seawater and watch the waves move. And maybe have a cocktail?
Many of the Sine Music family but also friends have contributed their wonderful tracks for this CD. Amongst them are new and exclusive tracks from SINE, Polished Chrome, Tauon, Fade, Sferix and some newcomers in the family like "Silky Waves“ with their beautiful track "Under my skin“ and many more.

Lo Tide At The EndThe EP 'At The End' from Lo Tide takes you off the beaten path into places unknown. Each song delivering you to a new and unique location. Snappy percussion, vox stabs, atmospherics, pad swirls all form part of the overall picture and emotion of this release. Vocals from both Carolyn Cahill and Mascha provide a fresh and varied ingredient to the instrumental beds that Lo Tide lays down.

Chilled downtempo meets techy grooves as the EP glides along, moving effortlessly from one moment to the next. Eclectic elements are combined together on the edge of something you know and are familiar with and something altogether new. This is music that is an exploration in sound for both the artist and the listener alike.

antennaeMedicine is the 3rd album from Bay Area electronic music pioneer An-ten-nae, and pushes forth a new Deep Bass sound emerging from the west coast. Intricately balanced deep grooves flow under a cinematic landscape fused with deep captivating melodies and meticulous production values. The track listing itself leads you into a world where sound has deeper meanings. Medicine leaves behind the familiar Big Room EDM sounds found in over abundance in dance music today.

Instead this album takes bass in a deeper more thoughtful direction which can be compared to Big room versus Deep House. Polyrhythmic grooves accentuate deep old school UK Dubstep bass layers woven with 808s in a modern aesthetic, that is quite unique and refreshing. Medicine follows on the heels of the mixtape series “Medicine Crunk” which has over a Million plays. #MusicIsMedicine

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