igorpIgor Pumphonia (Igor Isaev) hails from St. Petersburg, Russia is a musician, composer, singer, writer and performer of his own songs in both Russian and English languages​​, founder of Euphonia Project. He graduated from the music. school of violin, percussion, piano course overall. Experimenting in different styles, but prefers styles chillout, downtempo, deep house, nu disco.

cameocultureFrom the label, Wolf + Lamb comes Cameo Culture who describe themselves as "slowly losing my mind, transcribing that process into musical form."

jens orbitalresortWelcome on board of your Orbital Resort. Intelligent downbeats. Empathic analog sound warmness. Moving soundcreations. Eclectic compositions. Spherical ambience. Take a seat on board of Jens Buchert's soundship and orbit in your chillout suite to external soundplanets.

Touching. Emotional. Weightless. Timeless space.

klangstein orbitOn the 10th April 2015 Sine Music will be releasing the new album "Orbit" by KLANGSTEIN. The album will be a!vailable on CD and at all well-known download stores. After his debut album "Resturlaub 2.0" in 2010 and the EP "KLANGSTEIN - In the Mix EP" from 2012 the new and long awaited album by KLANGSTEIN will be released.  "Orbit" presents itself containing 14 electronic tracks, with guest artists such as Marcus Loeber, SINE, Thomas Lemmer and many more.

With songs like "Deep Dive" KLANGSTEIN successfully sends us on a journey of emotions moving in the change of slow motion and light speed. Gravitated towards the planet KLANGSTEIN you'll find yourself in the orbit of a world of its own, told of in the most different tempi and temperatures. A gentle evolution of the typical KLANGSTEIN sounds that you will definitely keep in mind.

mrechoBorn To Be Blue, a funky solo album from Mr Echo of Greek hip hop duo Q Funktion. Not that Mr Echo is totally on his own here … Born To Be Blue still features many collaborators, from Cold Busted regulars like Jenova 7, Es-K, My Neighbour Is, and mister T., to new names for the label such as Mononome, Padma Purana, and King Shi. Throughout the album there’s a common thread of downbeat American music styles, but it’s heavily frayed and pulled tight across world music influences. At times – such as on album highlights “Moonchild”, “Chrysanthemum”, and “Nothing Gonna Change” – Mr Echo finds himself pulling off Moby-level sampling, but in his own foggier and more heady way. Steadily creeping into the mood, the blues is ever present among the beats. Mr Echo and his Cold Busted companions have outdone themselves with this cohesive, but diverse, collaboration-filled album.

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