dadaLynchy dada is a love story given in a wrap gift of electronic melodies. We wish you a pleasant day, do not hesitate to share.

thedasThe/Das have chosen an exciting path, weaving live performance with electronic production to reach a vibrant new musical place.With great curiosity The/Das have plunged into new collaborations, tested the boundaries of their own artistic cooperation and forged a new link between avant-garde techno and electronic pop. Born from the ashes of Bodhi Bill; Anton Feist and Fabian Fenk’s new band The/Das has quickly risen with EPs on cutting edge label Life & Death as well as their own imprint Krakatau, travelling the world as a live band and stripped back duo, before finding a home on Berlin indie label Sinnbus for their debut album ‘Freezer’.

On ‘Freezer’ all the detours and different approaches come together, their style condensed onto their own brand of sub-cooled, driving electronic music.The eight tracks developed between
coincidence and experiment on the one hand, experience and sovereignty on the other.The core duo are joined by longtime live collaborator Thomalla (Krakatau, Running Back) and Jörg Wähner
(Apparat) also integrated into the live set up on drums. Apart from this conscious step The/Das allow themselves in all other concerns to not have to decide on anything and take equal part on
synths and production. Fenk’s playful vocals provide passion and soulfulness, memorable melodies flow from their army of synths and infectious rhythm rips through from crunchy percussion and live

Opening with the tender techno anthem ‘My Made Up Spook’, ‘Freezer’ demonstrates the astonishing musical range of a young but highly accomplished band as The/Das whip through space and textures with subtle ease. Second single ‘Miami Waters’ is delicately hypnotic, ‘Parallel Worlds’ an exuberant slow builder and a highlight of their live performance. Mournful duet ‘Receiver’ features
the vocal talents of Pirjo Marx, whose harmonies shine again later in the album. ‘Operation Of Chance’ is a low slung pop ballad ripe with suspense, while the growl and electronic explosions of
‘This Place’ highlight Fenk’s enthralling storytelling. The gentle moodiness of ‘Somebody Is’ sets the scene for title track ‘Freezer’ with it’s rhythmic tale and sinister soundscapes that roll out
to the close.

With ‘Freezer’,The/Das have made a multi-faceted LP that manages to illuminate a line between joyfulness and darkness, traditional live performance and studio electronic production, moody techno and playful pop.

yellowjacketThe Cold Busted label is pleased to present the very first release from the bright, young producer Yellowjacket. Hailing from Porter, Indiana, the 19-year-old shows a lot of maturity on The Spectrum Of Day album. Warm melodies buzz about strong drum patterns, tying together tight hip-hop beats tuned in to various vibes, often feeling both fresh and instantly familiar at the same time. Tracks like the funky ringer "Blazing Noon", the hypnotic and folkish "Begin The Day", and the electric guitar slathered "Dead Of Night" are stingingly sharp in their percussive rhythms, making up the more aggressive examples of the release. Progressively lightening up, "Cold Sweats" is delicately strung while "Grocery Choppin'" and "The Track Of Dawn" make use of soft keys, buoyant bass lines, and soothing atmospheres for a peaceful effect. These beats will be nesting in quite a few downtempo DJ crates, promising much more to look forward to from this young artist.

zac loveCold Busted is pleased to finally cozy up with familiar label artist Zac Love for a much deserved album release. Lend Me An Ear marks his first full outing on the label, having previously contributed to multiple Cold Busted various artists compilations. Also a member of the Belmar Sol trio and record label, Zac is not afraid of spreading his musical ideas across straight up instrumental hip-hop, chill downtempo tracks, and uptempo funk jams. Lend Me An Ear follows suit featuring the snappy drums and chopped up bright melodic content of "Choppy Waters Ahead", the vibe-laden and soul drenched downtempo of the title track, the slightly more jazzy swing of the funk filled "Crazy Meters", and plenty of other highlights for those in search of feel good beats with plenty of traction. Be sure to check out this funky stuff.

boogielabPeacelounge Recordings present Boogielab who hails from Germany with his new album, Sound Central. The first prize of the German Phono Academy in the category jazz, which he received with his band 'Just Fun' Klaus Sperber began his career. Then it quickly to get started as a bass player in the Munich studio scene. It was followed by many engagements with the local producers (Falter Meier / seal). Moreover, his collaboration with the Brazilian trumpeter Julio Barbosa begins.

From the mid-80s Sperber works with Edo Zanki in the studio, going on tours, produces plates for Zanki and other artists and is incidentally band member in Ina Deter (until 1989).

In 1989 to begin his studio work with the London jazz duo 'Acoustic Alchemy'. Then follow some LP-productions (MCA Master Series, GRP Records) and until 1991, he is touring the United States and has performed at virtually every major jazz events in the country (Catalina Iceland, Los Angeles, Paul Masson, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago Miami, New York / Beacon Theatre).

In 1991, he began his career as a producer and composer, among other things for Giovanna Deiana, Nina Hagen, Lou Bega, Kosmo Records, BMG and Sony Music.

He is responsible for several solo albums in the Ambient chillout area. However, in 1995 starts the collaboration with Gena B. Good and Chris Zippel (Pet Shop Boys) and leads to publications in the dance club area.

This is followed by 1998, the collaboration with the world of cinema-founder Michael Kölmel and 2001 with Tommy Eberhard and Kerstin salvation. Here, the project 'Showermusic' created (later together with Petra Scheeser).

Besides pursuing Klaus Sperber continues its authors Studio activities for TV (Russian Roulette, Lost City Raiders) and also makes music for several quiz shows and commercials.

In 2011 he founded the solo project 'BoogieLab', and in this context, as of 2012 several Voes here at peacelounge.

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