gelkaGelka, the duo that has been on such labels like Café del Mar, Om Records, Ministry of Sound, Stereo Deluxe, Wax On Records or Warp, and who are known for electronizing the sunsets contemporary downtempo, kicks off with a new album, after countless appearances on Café Del Mar.

Gelka’s blend of promising, weightless downtempo exploration is reaching a new milestone with a bunch of exciting collaborators. Stardust Memories features vocals from Phoenix Pearle, Gelka’s main singer, and also from Dj Vadim collaborator Sena, and Mozez Wright, known from Zero 7 and Nightmares On Wax.


gelka nightsGelka Returns with a brand new EP, titled "Million Nights".  Gelka, the duo that has been on such labels like Om Records, Ministry of Sound, Stereo Deluxe, Wax On Records or Warp, and who are known for electronizing the sunsets contemporary downtempo the most modern way one could imagine, kicks off the summer season with a very own EP, after countless appearances on Café Del Mar. Teaming up with their permanent vocalist, Phoenix Pearle, known from Nightmares On wax, they returned with a delicate, fine and melodic song, Million Nights, remixed by Synkro, in addition to Marcel and Forteba. 


gelkaAlex and Sergio met in the ’90s for the first time. They were working together as session musicians, composers and producers.  After the endless seasonal jobs for other bands, they couldn’t keep inside their own sounds anymore, so in 2003 Gelka was born, with their unique sounding: the fusion of smooth elegant downtempo, and the harshy raw hiphop beats.  In 2003 the resident of Café Del Mar that time, Bruno from Ibiza chose the track „Please Keep Your Ticket Till The End” to the Café Del Mar compilation-Dreams 3, which was released in 2003 December. With their debut they came closer to their real home, to the bright and sunny  beaches, which always give a sensible smile to their music, despite of their deep, urban thoughtfulness.

The relationship with Café Del Mar affected their career for a long time. In 2004 their track „Hidding Place” was released on the Café Del Mar 25th Anniversary- album. In 2006 „Rising” was released on Café del Mar – Dreams 4,  then „Os Pastores da Noitte” was put on Café del Mar – Volumen 13., so as the years passed by Gelka became an organic part of this legendary compilation series, but they know that the time had come to their first major work, to the first studio album.

2006 was the turning point for Gelka. The boys met George Evelyn (dj Ease - Nightmares on Wax), who signed a contract with them to his newly establised, independent record label, Wax On Records. In the same year they started to work on the track „Under my Star” with Beth Hirsch (Air – All I Need, You’ll make it easy), which was released on Café Del Mar- Volumen 15, in the summer of 2008. Their first album „Less is More” was released in September 2008 by Wax On Records contributing Sena (Marcel, Irie Maffia, Barabás Lőrinc Eklectric, Dj Vadim), Ella May (Nightmares on Wax), and Ricky Ranking (Nightmares on Wax, Roots Manuva, Banana). The tracks of this album were released on more than 60 compilation albums util 2011 December, by such influential record labels as Stereo Deluxe, Ministry  of Sound, Wave Music, Sony-BMG, Om Records, CKP, High Music, Soulstar Germany, Rootdown Records. Each track is a piece of joy, who loves live and acoustic sounds, generated by pure electronica, if we think about “Soon”, “When Ya Gotta Go Ya Gotta Go”, or “Blame” for example. Blame has an animation video also, made by Melinda Vajda and Krisztián Jankai. The pictures introduce the everyday life of the duo, in the middle of Budapest or in the outter space.

Their remix of the track Nightmares on Wax – „Flip Ya Lid” was released on the Though So album’s Japanese edition by Warp Records. Their track „Effortless” with the American poet Jen was released on Jen’s album „Mellow Dramas” by  Stereo Deluxe.  Further more they  are also proud of the Mixcloud chart position, as the 31. Cloudcaster of 2010. And they also have a massive support from the legendary Ibiza Sonica radio.

After 2010 they pushed the reset button, and left their label Wax On Records. They have started tasting new genres, like slow-house and chillstep, which give new edges for their sounds. They are collaborating with Mozez, known from Zero 7, Phoenix Pearle (Ella May) and the BBC Radio 1 DJ Chic Coco. Furthermore they are preparing to release again their debut album and also a brand new EP.

countingcloudsCounting Clouds are on GoFish Records and deliver warm sunshine filled chillout music through a group of amazing musiciains. Counting Clouds have been on numerous compilations and band members include:

Vocals: Vionna Chamberlain, Sarah Bouwers, Henrieta Lasut
Guitar: Gary Lee Rollins
Piano: Clifford Borg
Bass: Mark A Corradetti
Saxophone: Rainer Winschermann
Flute: Gary Stroutsos
Violin: Gautam Karnik
Producer: Mike Wornath, Vionna Chamberlain
Label: GoFish Records

lotide learnIntroducing the third full length album from Australian artist Lo Tide. 'Learn to Wait' features four different and unique vocalistsfrom around the globe on the A side of the vinyl, with the B side comprising four deeply varied instrumental tracks. The LP showcases a collection of styles and production techniques including electronic elements, field recordings and everything in between. The album title is drawn from lifes journey and the process of learning patience; whether related to music/creativity or both small and large life changes. The stylistic influences for the songs come from hip hop through to jazz and artist inspiration is delivered from industy names such as Bonobo, SBTRKT, Lapalux, DJ Shadow and Lamb.

His previous releases have seen inclusions on various compilations including Future Sounds of Jazz and the Nightflight series. Lo Tide tracks have been played around the world on both radio and
online shows and mixes, from names such as: Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts - Unfold), Simon Harrison (The Basic Soul Show), Jon Oliver (East Village Radio), Carmen Sandiego Show (4ZZZ Brisbane),
EdgeRadio 99.3FM Hobart, ABC Radio National (Sound Quality), Kerem Gokmen (Dubmission), Finest Ego (Project Mooncircle). With labels including Cold Busted and NuNorthern Soul featuring his remix
work in their catalogs it has given him the chance to broaden his horizons. This release sees him taking another step in his musical endevours and heading out in new directions with the help of some highly talented vocalists.

miperExciting and emerging young artist ‘Miper' presents her debut Album "Panacea". which is a fascinating mixture of Lounge and Chillout with a taste of Nu Jazz elements, combining different styles and modern production techniques. The sound is fresh and unassimilated, futuristic and very positive and relaxing but also with some melancholic beauty at the same time. Sequences, epic melodies and intense sounds from a new release that has all the ingredients to soon become a classic. This Album promises to take you on a delightful journey of the heart, mind and soul.

igorpIgor Pumphonia (Igor Isaev) hails from St. Petersburg, Russia is a musician, composer, singer, writer and performer of his own songs in both Russian and English languages​​, founder of Euphonia Project. He graduated from the music. school of violin, percussion, piano course overall. Experimenting in different styles, but prefers styles chillout, downtempo, deep house, nu disco.

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