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alexwhalenA flyer found.

A map point located.

A warehouse discovered.

A threshold crossed.

One night.

One moment.

For me, nothing would ever be the same again. What is it about electronic music that captures us so? Why is it that, once found, it grabs hold and refuses to let go? And why is it that nearly all of us can name the exact moment when it made everything change.

For me, December 31, 1991 is that moment.  Before, the path of my life had been headed one way. After, well....

In the beginning, I was nothing more than a dedicated punter, one of the East Coast faithful, traveling hundreds of miles each weekend in pursuit of the perfect beat.  Thursdays at Baltimore's legendary Fever.  Fridays at DC's immortal Buzz.  Saturdays at one-off's with names like Catastrophic, Storm, Ultraworld, or Primary. We were in the right place at the right time - the birth of a scene, a music, a movement.

Along with the flyers I collected the music. Guerrilla. FSOL. Limbo. Cosmic Baby. Stress. Leftfield. Platipus. The soundtrack of the weekend became the soundtrack of my life. At first, it was enough to let others arrange it, but then...

This was the era of the mixtape, a time before the Pro Tools perfect, studio session solid CD. Sets were played, recorded, and traded, passed hand to hand among the faithful, with no DJ too big or small to be worth a listen.

Although I loved the dancefloor, I started someplace that might surprise you - downtempo. Yes, downtempo. Back then, no event was complete without the "Chill Room", and it was there I found my first source of DJing inspiration. One tape, two tapes, three tapes, more... I only gave them to a few friends, but these things, well, they have a life of their own. It started small - gigs in Richmond VA, Washington DC, Baltimore, New York. I was paying my dues. And then....

Check Alex’s website for the full story…

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