Sunday December 21, 2014

BZ brings you the coolest blend of chillout, downbeat and electronica south of the North Pole every week.

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Everything Changes

julian smallcoverGet a copy of the new LP 'Everything Changes' by Julian Lennon

It is Julian Lennon's first album since he released Photograph Smile in 1998 and features 12 brand new tracks. You can view the video for the single, 'Lookin' 4 Luv' and pick up your copy today on Amazon or iTunes.  Julian has described the material as "a bit more free-flowing than [his] previous work", calling it his "favorite [album] so far".

Pick up your copy today, sit down and you will quickly discover how Everything Changes delivers powerful lyrics, wonderful harmonies, and amazing music.  Our only critique is we had to wait so long!

Minus One

Below Zero medium$4.99 (plus shipping & tax)

Various Artists: Minus 1 - A sophisticated and mood-enhancing journey with an eclectic assemblage of international and local talent.

Every sale helps keep BZ running... get your copy today!

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